10 Surprising Things About Being Vegan


Are there chicken sheds in heaven?

I’ve been a big fan of the fantastic blog ‘Oh She Glows’ for a while now and here Angela Liddon lists ten things about veganism which people might find surprising and I thought they were worth re-posting so here you go!

1. There’s More Than One Reason To Be Vegan: Many people become vegan because they believe it’s wrong to consume animals and animal products, but that’s not the only motivation. Others choose a vegan diet for their health. And some start eating vegan for one reason and then find others to continue. ”My motivations are health related,” Liddon said, ”but I also eat this way because I’m an animal rights advocate and care about the environment too. It’s important to me that my beliefs are in line with the food on my plate.”

2. You Don’t Have To Give Up Everything: Liddon reworks some comfort food favourites, like fettucine…

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