I Do Not Have to Respect Your Choice to Eat Meat


Väldigt sakligt förklarat

Ranting, Ranting, 1, 2, 3...

I just got off the phone with my grandmother, who informed me that as she respects my choice to be vegan, I ought to respect her (and others) choice to eat meat. She doesn’t get upset when people choose to do things differently to her. I shouldn’t push my views on others.

This is just not true. I have no obligation to respect people eating meat, or dairy, or eggs. In fact, I have an obligation not to respect these activities, even if you are otherwise wonderful.

This is not a personal preference of mine. I never get upset when people eat sprouts just because I dislike them. This is a moral issue, and when one understands a certain action to be immoral, they then see it as immoral in all cases, not just relating to them. We judge people for behaving immorally.

This is difficult, because there are times…

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